Smyler's Farm values traditional farming methods that people and animals can accomplish. Doing so is both enjoyable and good for us and the animals to perform agricultural work, but it builds our individual strengths, abilities, flexibility, and general health.  The farm setting is wonderful place to get some exercise, with fresh air and birds chirping, natural grass and trees and rocks. This allows you to gain your strength and health out in nature. You can touch the soil and learn about farming while building your physical strength.So this year we are combining farming and fitness!

If you are tired of watching the clock while you are working out, being inside staring at a screen or want Yoga or personal training in a nature and agricultural setting, just choose from our options below, hope to see you soon! :)


1. Farm Fitness

One hour with available guidance from a personal trainer

Schedule: March-October 2012, by appointment.

Price: $50*



2. Farm Fitness

One hour class guided by a yoga instructor on Smylers farm

Price: $50 (sliding scale policy)

*We have a sliding scale policy. Spaces are limited please RSVP through email or by phone.








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